Over £2bn of investment will be made in Harlow over the next 10 years by large public and private sector organisations in the local area. To give local SMEs a better chance of accessing these opportunities, we have launched the Opportunity Harlow procurement portal and support programme.

Below is some more information about the people and organisations involved in the programme.

Meet Our Team

With nearly 25 years of experience in economic regeneration, Anita oversees the Opportunity Harlow programme on behalf of Harlow District Council.

Anita Thornberry

Executive Director

Working with larger organisations, Robert creates values for the SMEs involved in Opportunity Harlow by identifying business opportunities for local SMEs to bid for. He brings an understanding of what larger organisations are looking for into the business diagnostic process, and events programme.

Robert Edge

Business Development Manager

Ensuring that we are delivering to the milestones set for the Opportunity Harlow programme, Lisa ensures the smooth-running of the programme looking after compliance, finance, and more.

Lisa Brazier

Programme Director

As our Client Relationship Manager, Patrick is responsible for reaching out to SMEs who can benefit from the programme, and running business diagnostics. He supports SMEs who have joined the Opportunity Harlow programme throughout their journey.

Patrick Maynard

Client Relationship Manager

Our CRM database lead, Jenny also looks after SME eligibility, collates programme financials, claims, and outputs.

Jenny Ryan

Programme Manager

Managing an integral part of the Opportunity Harlow support offering, Jane plans and organises our events programme, overseeing the running of our virtual and live events that support SME learning.

Jane Attreed

Events & Project Administrator

Overseeing marketing and communications, Charlotte works with the team to ensure that the Opportunity Harlow programme is successfully promoted, and that the support on offer is properly communicated to participating SMEs.

Charlotte Porter

Marketing & Communications Manager

Partnered with

Harlow District Council​

Harlow District Council are leading the Opportunity Harlow pilot project. They are helping to facilitate the steering group, meetings and workshops with the larger organisations.

Harlow District Council’s aim is to help create high-quality jobs and a strong local economy – something which everyone in Harlow can benefit from.

Essex County Council​​

Essex County Council is the accountable body for the Haven Gateway Partnership and the Opportunity Harlow project.

Essex County Council is dedicated to improving Essex and the lives of its residents. Its ambition is to deliver the best quality of life in Britain, which will be achieved by providing high-quality, targeted services that deliver real value for money.

Haven Gateway Partnership

The Opportunity Harlow online procurement portal and activity programmes are managed by the Haven Gateway Partnership (HGP). They help SMEs increase their online competitiveness through free digital audits. The HGP are also running a series of events designed to help SMEs better understand procurement requirements, and gain the skills they need to participate in local tenders.

The HGP promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the South-East of England. The team has extensive experience working with small and medium-sized businesses through their business support schemes. These include the sector-specific programmes TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies), and I-Construct.

CLES - The national organisation for local economies

CLES provides specialist support and consultancy for the Opportunity Harlow project. Their role includes supporting Harlow District Council in developing the local network of larger organisations.

CLES’s mission is to achieve social justice and effective public services by developing progressive economies for people, planet and place. Their work in community wealth building includes developing local supply chains.