Harlow Realising Business Opportunities

Opportunity Harlow is a pilot scheme led by the Haven Gateway Partnership on behalf of Harlow District Council. It is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

How can we help you win more business?

We aim to encourage your business to gain opportunities, connections, and resources to enable growth in a sustainable way making the Harlow economy more resilient.

We support you in understanding how public sector and private procurement works; showing you how to navigate the systems and processes in place. We have links to organisations and sponsors of large-scale projects in the area, so can sign-post members to projects that are actively searching for local suppliers.

At our free events you will ‘meet the buyers’, prepare your business to bid, and understand more about issues like carbon reduction, marketing, and cyber security. As well as learning from experts, members also use our events to network with like-minded business owners that want to do more business locally.

All of this support is free as the programme is funded by the UK Government.

Who can apply?

Opportunity Harlow is open to businesses in the Harlow and surrounding areas including the nearby district councils of Uttlesford, Epping Forest, East Hertfordshire, and Broxbourne.

If you aren’t sure that your business meets the criteria, simply complete the form and we will check your eligibility.

What happens next?

Opportunity Harlow is a pilot programme that launched in January 2022. 

Our aim is for businesses in the network to grow sustainably through winning more business by building local connections and bidding for larger procurement opportunities in the area.

The pilot programme will encourage the development of connections and relationships between local businesses, buyers and suppliers. Ultimately strengthening the Harlow economy and producing more local opportunities.